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Mitch Brutal Gaming Ep 9 Mickey Mouse Legend of Illusion
The Mitch returns to review the last in the Mickey Mouse Illusion series. Does it meet the standards of the others? Find out as he looks at the Brazilian exclusive master system version.

Mitch Brutal Gaming Ep 8 - Ape Escape Review
Mitch talks about the classic Play Station 1 platformer Ape Escape for his submission to Asalieri's Wheneverthehell Reviewer Contest #4. Which means a considerable absence of swearing... waaaaa?

Mitch Brutal Gaming Ep 7 - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review and Why It's One Sweet Ass Game
Mitch reviews the high profile Playstation 3 exclusive Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Mitch Brutal Gaming Ep 6 - The Suffering Review (Don't Drop the Soap)
Mitch reviews a soon to be classic horror game. The 3rd Person Shooter Suffering.

Mitch Brutal Gaming Ep 5 - Spiderman and Venom Maximum Carnage Review and Megaman Legends
Mitch talks about the quirky SNES beet em up Spiderman and Venom Maximum Carnage and gives his thoughts on Megaman Legends.

Mitch Brutal Gaming Ep 4 - Cave Story Review and Why It's the BOMB
Mitch plays an indie game that makes him go into dance.

Mitch Brutal Gaming Ep 3 - Hell Forces PC Review
Mitch talks about this quite frankly broken 1st Person shooter.

Mitch Brutal Gaming Ep 2 - Horror Game Recommendations
Mitch can't let go of Halloween as he recommends some of his favourite horror titles.

Mitch Brutal Gaming Ep 1 - Cold Fear Review
Mitch kicks off the show reviewing this awful horror game that actually looked quite good.