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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

General Life Update 12/03/14

Howdy y'all, what's shaking? Me? I've not been too busy I guess, just chillin' killin' ya know? Christ that last sentence is a grammatical minefield, but I'm no stickler for grammar (he said lying through his teeth) so lets get on with the show. What have I been up to? Well obvious-- BULLET POINTS!!!

  • Pulling myself out of the rut that was the last few months of 2013 and the first 1 and a half of 2014
  • Becoming fucking enamored with the Dead Space franchise, seriously I'm all over that series' balls. Played almost all the games, read almost all the comics and books, re-watched both the animated movies. I don't know why but something clicked and now I'm back in my Resident Evil phase levels of love. Honestly I've not become this enthralled by a series since I was 13-15.
  • Building more Gundam kits and getting a little better at it. I've been tossing around the idea of doing a custom paint-job on one or two later in the summer. (And you can bet your ass I'm following the guide on this motherfucker, I ain't about to become an example of terribleness any time soon).
  • Getting somewhat fucked over by college in terms of what I can do as far as my courses for the new semester are concerned (I don't want to be a network engineer, but I also don't want to trek an extra hour to a campus on the other side of the city that's already 2 hours away for me).
  • Reading pretty much ALL of the Dowman Sayman stuff on exhentai. That guy makes some of the most interesting and compelling stories that just so happen to feature robots/lesbians/fucking/piss ever. I'd seriously recommend checking his shit out or at the least look up Oddman 11 it's relatively SFW.
  • Keeping up with a few webcomics, "Blaster Nation" and "It Hurts!".
  • Having a lot of ideas for stopmotion animations and not really doing them since I have no money, software or time.
  • Spending my money on "adult" things.
  • Writing this and convincing myself that blogging about yourself isn't inherently selfish or pompous.
  • Realising how retarded that previous point was, retracting it and preceding to not give a fuck.
  • Man fuck tumblr and social justice in general!
Here's a picture of Lammy I drew.