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Monday, 19 November 2012

Transformers Prime RID Kup.

Goddamn; this is a cool figure. Yeah OK  I wasn't really feeling the first two waves of Prime figures (Vehicon being the only exception) but with this new wave (3 I think) they've really stepped their game up.

Firstly his alt-mode kicks ass, because it actually looks like Kup (in a modern way, rather than his futuristic alt-mode from his original incarnation) a compact green pick-up truck that in true prime-car-alt-mode(?) tradition, looks like a slightly stylised version of something you might see crusing about now and again.

The transformation's fairly simple, a lot of folding and flipping. The front section is a bit of a pain to get into place. Most of the time I have to pull the section so hard, it seems like I'm going to break the plastic. 

"You left a piece out!"
Robot-mode is awesome. 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Tamashii Toy Fair Fallout

So yeah, tamashii toy fair was a couple of days ago and god-damn I want everything shown there. They have so much cool stuff coming out in the next year. Armoured Core figures, more Fourze figuarts and fucking Evangelion Monsterarts, HELL YEAH!