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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Toy Rant: Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime

OK let's completely contrast the last review with a toy that has almost no positive points and is not I repeat, not worth the money I spent on it.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence by telling you what the Transformers franchise is. It's been more well know in the last 6 years than it has ever before so I'm sure at some point you've at least heard of it.

Anyway this toy fucking sucks. There is no other less truthful way to say it; this is easily one of the worst toys I've ever owned; it's small, it's overpriced, it's incredibly flimsy feeling and hollow; oh god is it ever hollow. Keep in mind this toy cost £12.50 and is considered to be the "standard voyager class transformer" (medium size transformer) of the modern age. FUCK THAT! Seriously had this thing been made 7 maybe 8 years ago it would have been a scout class figure and cost no more than £10. Bottom line (autistic details aside) fuck buying this toy and fuck the entire fall of cybertron line.

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