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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

FUCKAWESOME video-game music #2 Flailing my ARMs Wildly

Part 1. A little background

As much as I like JRPG's I'm not going to deny that they all kind of blend together. At least stylistically, what I mean by that is they all share similar themes and concepts. For example you are the hero who has a sword go kill this guy because he isn't the hero with a sword, the first female character you meet will probably be your love interest etc etc.

(Below a parody, but an example nonetheless of what I just said.)

Now of course this isn't 100% true. There are JRPG series that have a very different style and setting. Although I can only think of two off the top of my head. ATLUS' Shin Megami Tensei series, the persona series in particular, and the unappreciated Wild ARMs series by


I'll try and summarize. Wild ARMs was developed by and released on the original playstation in 1997 only 5 months before Final Fantasy 7. As such many people remember Wild ARMs as "that one game I played while I waited for FF7".

Honestly I'd say thats not a bad description, just from looking at screens of the game I'd say it has more in common with Final Fantasy 6, by that I mean it looks and plays alot like a SNES-era FF, as many PS1 JRPG's did.

The main concept (or gimmick as some call it) of the series is that most every game in the series is a JRPG in a Wild West setting, pseudo steam-punk bullshit almost and hey some people like that, not me but thats just how things roll you know, and even then the only thing particularly "western" about the first game was the inro which you've already seen, and the soundtrack produced by Michiko Naruke who also produced tracks for games such as Valis 3, Psycho Dream and even arranged several tracks for Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
(Michiko Naruke)

ANYWAYS. I said that Wild ARMs has FUCKAWESOME music. but before we jump into the fuckawesome you might want to check this out.

(Lone Bird in The Shire: Wild ARMs)

(The Ecstasy of Gold: The Good The Bad And The Ugly theme)

Ironic, ain't it?


Ok here's the thing. There are 5 main-line Wild ARMs games. At some point in 2006 someone said "How fucking metal can we make the music of Wild ARMs". "Oh you're making a guitar arranged album of the Wild ARMs? Thats cool we're gonna make a piano arranged album." And they did and those two albums were called "Wild Arms Music the Best: Rocking Heart", the guitar arranged album, and "Wild Arms Music the Best : Feeling Wind", the piano one.

Now I'm not gonna post the ENTIRETY of both albums, but I am going to post what I feel are the highlights. Really if you want to check em' out you can find them HERE and HERE, and you should they are both fantastic.

First up Rocking Heart.

(At the End of the Wilderness Ver. Detonator)

(Gunmetal Action)

(Gun Blaze)


Sunday, 26 June 2011

FUCKAWESOME video-game music #1 Set in Stone?

I haven't even given a shit about Harmony of Despair but HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT THIS IS GREAT AND MY BODY WASN'T READY!
Castlevania Harmony of Despair OST - Heart of Fire (Theme of Julius Belmont)
This is actually a remixed version of music from the arcade game "Haunted Castle"

Listen for yourself

And a remixed version of the music from the Konami Famicom game "Getsu Fuma Den". Because for some CRAZY reason they put getsu fuma in the game as DLC. Weird.

And here is the Original.

Friday, 24 June 2011

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