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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mitch Brutal Gaming Ep 5 Spiderman and Venom Maximum Carnage

Maybe it was my hype for marvel . Maybe it was me just being retarded. Either-way I ended up reviewing (for about 2 minuets) Spiderman and Venom: maximum carnage for the snes and megadrive. AND!.. watch the video thats all but look here for some free shit.

"Main theme/ Carnage rules"
Green Jelly version
SNES version

also after the video went live I found that the super-villain theme was a chiptuned version of the Black Sabbath song "Mob Rules". Here listen for yourselves


"Mob Rules"

Just because I love you so much here's some bonus BONUS shit

1981 "Heavy Metal (1981)" version of Mob rules

"Main theme" Spiderman and Venom: separation anxiety
this track is fucking amazing for the vanilla SNES soundchip