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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mitch Brutal Gaming Ep 1-3

well it's been a while hasn't it? I would like to say I had been doing something important with my time but the truth is I just got lazy. I bought a SHITLOAD more games between the last post on this blog and this one here. couple that with the summer and school and you might just be able to see why I haven't made any new chiptunin' in a while. In terms of the internet I have mostly been hanging around 4chans /v/ board and hardcore gaming 101's fourms. anyways to the point, about a month ago a friend on youtube offered to edit some videos I made a while ago. with his editing skills and my cynical bullshiting produced MITCH: BRUTAL GAMING as of today we have produced 3 episodes with an underlining theme of horror (I actually address this in episode 3) I somehow manage to shit one of these videos out every week (when my editor isn't fapping to maids) I'll post the first 3 episodes here and continue to post them on here whenever I can. ALSO chiptunin' isn't dead just on hold for the moment sorry.

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