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Monday, 17 May 2010

Chip-tunin' #3

The Turbografx-16 OMG!?! while not the most predominant system in the 90's it is defiantly a unique and interesting console. It was technicality speaking a VERY powerful 8-bit machine with additional processors and hardware built around it's original chip-set designed by NEC and Hudson soft.

Anyway this aint' a history lesson this is chip-tunin' damn it, so Im gonna show off some of the killer tracks from some turbografx games

blazing lazers (TG16) "intro"

soldier blade (TG16/PC ENGINE) "intro"

splatterhouse "sleeping beauty" (TG16)

and an AWESOME remix that will be included in the new splatterhouse game coming out this year.

"sento nel core" splatterhouse (2010) (ps3/360) composed by Howard Drossin of comix zone fame. Damn comix zone thats a title that we will get to next time dear reader

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