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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Chip-tunin' #2

Outrun, an absolute classic sega arcade game from back in the day it's addictive arcade gameplay, smooth scaling and amazing lineage only paralleled by it's OUTSTANDING soundtrack so on this edition of chip-tunin' I present the music of outrun, it's sequels and ripoffs.
"splash wave" (arcade version)

"magical sound shower" (arcade version)

"splash wave" (2006 remix)

"night flight" (2006)

and now the "ripoffs"...

Top gear (snes) track 1

lotus turbo challenge (Amiga)

coincidently both lotus and top gear were made by gremlin graphics, a small British developer that wen bust back in 1999.

well thats all from chip-tunin' hope you enjoyed it and keep rockin' punks, Mitchman out.

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