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Monday, 17 May 2010

Chip-tunin' #3

The Turbografx-16 OMG!?! while not the most predominant system in the 90's it is defiantly a unique and interesting console. It was technicality speaking a VERY powerful 8-bit machine with additional processors and hardware built around it's original chip-set designed by NEC and Hudson soft.

Anyway this aint' a history lesson this is chip-tunin' damn it, so Im gonna show off some of the killer tracks from some turbografx games

blazing lazers (TG16) "intro"

soldier blade (TG16/PC ENGINE) "intro"

splatterhouse "sleeping beauty" (TG16)

and an AWESOME remix that will be included in the new splatterhouse game coming out this year.

"sento nel core" splatterhouse (2010) (ps3/360) composed by Howard Drossin of comix zone fame. Damn comix zone thats a title that we will get to next time dear reader

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Chip-tunin' #2

Outrun, an absolute classic sega arcade game from back in the day it's addictive arcade gameplay, smooth scaling and amazing lineage only paralleled by it's OUTSTANDING soundtrack so on this edition of chip-tunin' I present the music of outrun, it's sequels and ripoffs.
"splash wave" (arcade version)

"magical sound shower" (arcade version)

"splash wave" (2006 remix)

"night flight" (2006)

and now the "ripoffs"...

Top gear (snes) track 1

lotus turbo challenge (Amiga)

coincidently both lotus and top gear were made by gremlin graphics, a small British developer that wen bust back in 1999.

well thats all from chip-tunin' hope you enjoyed it and keep rockin' punks, Mitchman out.

Chip-tunin' #1

OK in case you don't know me I live video games, I play an UNHEALTHY amount if games, mainly old but I will sink my teeth into a current gen title if one interests me. so yeah growing up playing games like sonic 1 and 2 streets of rage and Mario bros I have a fairly high standard of games and one aspect of current game that I feel has lost it's magic over the last 2 generations is the music. Now don't get me wrong may recent games have great soundtracks, but the ratio of that happening has dropped noticeably post dreamcast at least in MY opinion.


so yeah to the point the point is that I am now going to be posting musical tracks from video games to 1. stroke my own ego and make myself feel important and 2. to open YOUR eyes and widen you horizons of musical ineptitude ( at least in a gaming sense).. SO lets kick it off with a track to work out to it's the character select screen music from street fighter ex 2 plus.

posting old shit till I can think of new shit

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